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The Soul Painting Spirit Coach



The passing of my father was a very transformative experience for me. Aside from the grief and loss, I believe his passing awakened something in me.

Before he passed, I was told by a psychic that I can paint people’s souls and I had no idea what she meant. However, a week after his passing, I painted all of my feelings onto a canvas and his face showed up in the painting. It was at that beautiful moment when I understood what that woman

I painted his soul!!!

Since then I have been painting soul energy for those

who have lost someone dear to them.

My soul paintings are the essence of the spirit painted

just for you, letting the universe take over, with no hesitation to my brush. And you can do it too!!!

I do not guarantee your loved one’s face will appear in the

painting, but they’re beautiful energy will definitely show up in some way.

Every time you look at it, you will be reminded of their visit  and your conversation. 


The Painting of my Dad's Soul! 

Zoomed in the part where his face shows strongly.

I offer individual one on one private sessions that will help in the bereavement process and bring an element of peace and releasement to your soul as you connect and paint your feelings on to the canvas.

My Sister.jpeg

Each painting will be a one of a kind, in the moment result of an emotional connection which can only be made between you and your loved one who is no longer in this realm of time. We will begin and end the session with a guided meditation which will help in the connection process.

Soul Painting can be a service on its own, or added as a package with other services.


My Friend's Painting of Her Loved one's Soul!

Ready to Soul Paint with me? 
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