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Who do we think we are?

Are we really the center of the universe? Or are we the center of OUR own universe? Inside the bigger universe… hmmm. Im sure you’ve asked yourself this question at some point in your existence… What the hell are we? Why am I here? What do I have to accomplish? Is there a destination? Where the hell am I going? Is this really about ME?? Is this a movie? Am I the director as well as the main character? Or am I the producer? Sometimes it seems like the entire plot has already been written but I wasn’t able to read the script before God said Action. And now I get to create (free will) scenarios that keep me in certain scenes. They can keep me in one scene for a long time, or I can create new scenes every day for me to play out. And although other people are co-(inside-ing) with my life, they are either main characters or they are stand-ins to fill in the void. As you are to them. We, meaning the collective ONE. We are all witnessing our own surroundings and that’s it. So we can only create by being, which comes from thinking our way around this place, which coincides with other peoples reactions to our things. And the momentum keeps going and going. Life doesn’t stop. Collectively it will never stop because the movie keeps playing no matter what. The key for our souls to keep on moving forward is to not rewind or walk in the other direction because if you ever walked back to the beginning, all there will ever be is a start button again. Would you want to watch a movie that was paused? Or keep rewinding it to the beginning and never figure out what happens with the rest? We must be brave and walk through these streets and see what unfolds, welcome it and start painting. Work with it, not against it. Create scenarios that feel good because that’s where the happy times are. And if you choose to walk down a dark alley, knowing something could jump out at you, and it does, remember, you walked down it. Take those licks and correct your compass. Always walk forward cause it’s the only way to get you where you’re supposed to be going. Wherever that may be, on its own time, at its own pace… fast lane, middle lane, or slow lane. Sometimes even pulled over because you have a flat tire that needs to be fixed. But fix that shit and get back on the road. Drive that car and listen to its GPS.. And remember, if you go down the wrong road, your GPS will always re-direct you back to the road that will bring you to your destination.

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