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Surrender and Faith in all things…

Not knowing what will come from our decisions puts us in a place of fear. Especially if we’ve been hurt in the past. Its like touching a hot stove. You really don’t want to do it again, but you do have to eat and if you want to eat healthy, you have to cook it yourself. You have to believe you will not burn yourself again. It is the same with all of our doings and decision making. If you’ve been in love at one point in your life, and the person really hurt you, you now take caution in giving the next person your whole heart. But that not only hurts them in the long run, it hurts you as well. To do anything half assed will most always guarantee the outcome to be less than 100% real and leave you questioning whether or not you could have done something more to make the situation better before quitting. So to me, it all comes down to faith. When you go on a scary ride, you have to fully commit. You can’t put one foot in and one foot out or things can go horrible. But if you’re too scared to go on the ride at all, you will always wonder how much fun it could have been. And if the ride is too scary, then you can always go on a different one.

Having faith in life and love and all things scary, is something we just HAVE to embark on at some point. You can’t hide from life! You were put on this earth to LIVE for christ sakes. If we were never to have been punished, we would do all the things, all the time! Punishment is meant to set boundaries, but to an extent. You know, like, don’t run into the street cause you could die. Don’t actually put your hand on a hot stove. Don’t intentionally hurt people because its just wrong. But when it comes to taking the necessary steps towards happiness or peace, or a new life, who the hell knows what the outcome will be. But just fucking do it anyway. Because when you’re 99 years old and you contemplate your life, you will regret so much because who knows what really happens when we’re out of here. Surrender your fear.. get excited because fear has the same energy as excitement! Get excited about potentially making mistakes because there really are no mistakes. Making a decision that puts your further away from your end goal is just a different road that will still get you there. It just might take a little longer because perhaps there is something else for you to learn down that particular road. A piece of the puzzle that you didn’t know you desperately needed to complete your mission. Also, don’t be scared of yourself!! If you feel as if you don’t want to give yourself to someone else because you may hurt them instead of them hurting you, guess what? They need whatever lesson you bring to the table as well. We are a mirror of the peope in our lives. And we don’t learn much if we’re too afraid to look at our own reflection. Give yourself time to heal, but get the hell back out there and participate in the creation of your destiny. Have faith and believe in LOVE! Believe that the universe ALWAYS has your back. Because it really does! Even if it doesn’t necessarily feel very good!! You can’t grow if you don’t get uncomfortable every once in a while! So move, jump out of your comfort zone, and have a little faith will ya?

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