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So about last year...

Most of society would like to say good riddance to 2020. And for good reason! So much has changed our way of living its hard to wrap our heads around it. A friggin pandemic, being forced to wear muzzles. Excuse me, masks! Being separated from loved ones and making connections with the rest of society. Division, arguing, superiority, shaming people for not obeying…eh hem, I mean, following the rules… no better yet, “thinking of your fellow man”. Sorry its hard to get that straight, because with division, and people thinking whatever information that they’ve gathered is right because it makes sense to them, can be a little confusing. Did it come from a bat? Did it come from an elaborate plan to depopulate the earth? Is the government as corrupt as they’ve been proven to be for CENTURIES?? Do they bullshit us on the teLIEvision every day because they know there are people that religiously watch it every day and rely on it? Do they poison us every day with our food and air we breathe? Or do they just have our very best interests at heart while they make millions and billions of dollars while we run their economy?? We will just NEVER KNOW!!

What I do know is, for a lot of people, 2020 opened a lot of eyes because the light that has shined on all of this was pretty damn bright if I may say so myself. So much so that you’d have to have them closed really tight not to have seen it. And that’s ok for now. Not everyone is meant to wake up at the same time because once they do, there is a lot of work that needs to be done on a spiritual level. Lots of unraveling and undoing of old constructs and habits. And I believe those who are already in the middle of doing that, are able to help those who are just starting out. So if everyone woke up at the same time, I can imagine there would be some confusion. I’m sure it would take something catastrophic and quite impactful for everyone to wake up at once. But with that being said, the energy in the air is so much different and so much more clear and easy to breathe with this internal knowing that something much bigger is going on energetically on this planet. It is time for growth and a new appreciation for life.

We’ve been on the same ol path for so damn long and some of us are being shown a new one. There are so many paths to take. And opening your eyes and “being spiritual” is not all roses, rainbows and hippies who only send you love and light. Healing can be ugly and raw and beautiful all at the same time. It can make some people so uncomfortable that they literally refuse to listen to their new found thought patterns because the old ones are more comfortable and familiar. But that’s Ok too.. there is no one person that is better than the next whether you are “awake” or not. We are still all made up of the same collective energy, and we all have our specific roles to play at their specific times. There is a much bigger purpose to life than what we’ve been lead or conditioned to believe, and it all boils down to becoming LOVE. More on that later.. In the mean time, do what you can to be kind to yourself this year above all. Once you feel good about you, others will feel it and it will cause a ripple effect which is beautiful all in itself. And remember… we all have our time cards stamped!! How and when we leave this planet is already done and planned out. So stop living in so much fear, turn off the damn news, take care of your vessel and don’t allow yourself to be poisoned by people who love money more than their fellow human beings. In the end we will all be just fine!! But for now, we got some work to do!!

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