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Life is scary! But we have to do it anyway..

Changing your life and starting over can be one of the scariest things you’ll ever do because it’s as if you’re preparing yourself to jump off a cliff and you don’t know if there is any water at the bottom. Or, if you have a parachute that will work if you need to pull the cord. You’re concerned with not knowing if you’ll be successful or if you’re good enough. Will you look good on camera? Will you say the right things? Will you attract the right people? You may even be a little older and not so comfortable using social media or going live and doing videos. However, for many of us, there comes a time in life where you know in the depths of your being, that you are not meant for the every day struggle of a “9 to5” job that you are forced to work in order to put food on the table. There isn’t much wiggle room between doing that job and creating something you love and would rather spend hours a day doing. These legitimate fears are something we all have, and for good reason. There are only so many hours in the day. Especially if you have a big family and a demanding job. But does that mean we give up or don’t try?

I often wonder how most of society is ok with this being the norm. But, there are those of us that just can not keep waking up every day to run someone elses business. Its time for us to grow and change and its time to take that leap. I know it seems impossible, but we HAVE to have faith that there will be a net at the bottom, or some clear blue beautiful water to land safely in. We can not let the fear cripple us into not moving at all and giving up what may be the bravest things we’ve ever done… Actually believing in ourselves.

If we want to do something new, all we have to do is start thinking about it and then moving ourselves towards that thing. We can make a plan, but we have to let the Universe/God (whatever you prefer to believe) do its thing, while we put our energy into it. Whether that’s learning a new thing, bumping into new people that also share the same passion and can somehow help you or introduce you to others… etc.. You cannot sit idly by and think anything will happen on its own without your participation. You must start somewhere.

If you find yourself saying its easier said than done, or you don’t have the energy, then perhaps its time to take a deeper dive into yourself first before taking on the cliff.

Life will keep on going with or without us. Do you want to figure out why you were created? Or allow yourself to just exist and be used to create and sustain someone elses dream? It really is up to you. Only you can make the choice to change your energy and create new and beautiful things. No matter what someone may have “done” to you in your past. The power is in your hands alone. And don’t let anyone tell you ya can’t do it because they tried for 5 minutes and it didn’t work, or their cousins sisters brothers 3rd aunt removed tried and it just didn’t happen for them. Its your turn! It’s time to heal all that no longer serves you so you can clean out your closet, sweep all the old shit into the garbage pale and make room for your new life. Take your time, nurture yourself with good food, movement and uplifting words that will make you feel good. Nothing happens as fast as we want it to so forget it and accept it. Take each day as it comes and make good choices. We have a choice every day! What do you really want? Do it..

Water your seeds…



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