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It's So Much Bigger Than What It Appears to Be!

Right now in the world, so many things seem upside down. Theres a pandemic going on. People are all over the place and against eachother. Every time you turn around you see a different side to every problem. People aren’t believing what they read anymore. So so much confusion! And all of our heads are spinning! We are living in a time right now where life is changing before our very eyes and we don’t quite know what to do about it.

These past few days of events has made so many people either proud of being an American or in a position to be shaking ones head because you don’t know what really happened that day. Is the daily News media full of shit? Or are the “consiracy theorists” finally getting their day of shine? I for one lean towards the conspiracy theorist point of view because I don’t trust the media as far as I can click a channel, but that’s just me. However, either way and with that being said, there is much confusion on the front. And there will always be sides as long as we let the “powers that be” do their thing when it comes to dividing us as a people.

I know a few people that were down there in DC last week and they all have said the same thing. This protest was peaceful. Trump did not pump up the crowd with hatred, he simply spoke about what he believed to be voter fraud (which he spoke about weeks prior) and he thanked them for peacefully protesting and told them to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and continue to peacefully protest and give strength to the Republican so they make the right decision in that building that day. When they got there, the police opened the barricade and let everyone up on the steps, which they were there for quite a while. Then out of nowhere the cops started pepper spraying the crowd and shooting rubber bullets, which in turn made the crowd angry! Picture that! That in itself could make people wanna rush to defend their right to do what they were doing. And within that chaos is when certain people, be it Antifa or regular Trump supporters, or a mix thereof, (we will never truly know) started doing their thing. Either way, them being able to get into one of the most secure buildings in America, is beyond me. On any other day it is like fort knox, but not this day for some odd reason. Again, this is what I was told from a few peope that were actually there. And I for one would rather believe them than the media who goes out of their way to make sure we don’t join forces as a race.

What I do know is ALL different races of people were there protesting for the same thing. Because that is technically the only way to get our voices heard when there is something we disagree with as Americans. And I expect every American to make sure the right to do that never goes away. But a good way to stop people is to make them scared of protesters and the media is doing a great job at that, so keep that in mind. They also made sure they made it a race issue because all Im hearing is “if those people were black, they would have gotten lit up by bullets”. Now I do understand that there is a huge problem with African Americans being profiled and shot for no reason by police officers and no one is negating that. That was hugely protested this summer with lots of peeople, places and things getting hurt. However, the fact that people are pissed off because there weren’t tons of white people killed at the Capitol because “if they were black” it wouldn’t have went down like that, is a huge problem where being a human being is concerned. But there were a few people shot that day, one of which was a white lady named Ashli Babbitt. But I’m sorry, was one persons life not enough? Even if people think she deserved it because of what she was doing, doesn’t make a death OK! It wasn’t a protest for equal rights or BLM, it was a protest regarding possible voter fraud and our rights as Americans to peacefully assemble. And outside those doors were every race and type of family you could think of. So yea, that one hits me in the button and further hits it on the head that we are being divided at EVERY single turn.

Which brings me to speaking on what they really want out of us and that is FEAR!

(False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. OR… Face. Everything. And. Rise) which to me are both awesome ways to look at it. Fear is meant to keep us in line PERIOD! And we eat that shit up like a good ol breakfast. And I’m not sure at this point how in the Sam hell people don’t see through the medias bullshit at this point. Its clear as day! Give them an inch and they’ll run a marathon with that shit. And as soon as we’re ok with them pausing the consistution, they will run with that too. And we need to rise and say enough is enough. We do need to peacefully protest and make sure our inalieable rights are never taken from us. Medically, religiously or otherwise. And if you’re ok with the government and the way things are today, I strongly urge you to take 100 more looks at it.

But before we all go walking down the streets, we need to truly look at ourselves and fix the broken things in us that are still causing us to spew hate and go against those who think the opposite of you. Self love and reflection on being a spirit that is having a human experience on this planet, is the first step in healing ourselves, which in turn will heal the rest of the planet. Because ultimately we are everyone, and everyone is us. That’s why the saying exists, love thy neighbor and treat everyone the way you wish to be treated, because they are YOU.

So with all that being said, I leave you with this. We are all human beings made up of the same light energy that wakes us all up every morning. The same energy that grows the trees, makes flowers open up every morning and close at night and what keeps us all alive. The energy of the planet is at an all time high right now. This pandemic has woken up half the people that have been asleep for a long time. And with that new found light, they will consume it and become that light for others to see when they refuse to come out of the dark, and the domino affect will continue. So many changes are afoot. And a lot of truths are being revealed and brought to the surface within the political system. We need a new way of living, cause this running the economy for these rich people shit is for the birds. Wouldn’t that be awesome? But we need to get on board with it and be ok with change. Because change is always for the better.

Open your peepers and stay gold!!!

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