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Acceptance is Key!

Why do we exist?… This is the most loaded question we could ever ask ourselves. I mean, there has to be a reason right? Every single day as we’re going through the motions, there has to be a point where we ask ourselves this question. There are thousands of reasons we can come up with. Are we here to learn? Are we here to make money? Are we here to suffer at the hands of man and be slaves? Are we here to learn how to love? Are we here to help others? I don’t think we will ever really get a solid clear answer to this question. And maybe we’re not really meant to know because then life wouldn’t be the mystery that it is. We would all walk around like nothing was ever really wrong because we would already have our reason, or our purpose. But we don’t know what that is, so we spend our lives trying to figure it out, so much so that we never really live in a peaceful mind. Not being able to find that answer is the sole reason for us as a species, to be as anxious as we are. Fear of the unknown! We wake up every day, not knowing what the world has in store for us. We have no idea if today is the day we will leave our bodies and we don’t know what will happen beyond that either. And on top of that, we feel like we are doing this alone because we are these bodies by ourselves and we are the only ones experiencing what we see out of our own two eyes. This can be very stressful in and of itself and it creates a certain amount of anxiousness that I’m not sure we will ever be able to fully abolish. However, I believe we are meant to be a little anxious because we need to be aware of our surroundings, so we don’t get hurt.

Our instincts alert us when our wellbeing is being threatened in any way and they help us survive. Just like animals in the wild, who have a high amount of caution while existing. They always need to look around for what lurks beyond their comfort zone and use their gut feelings when in need of fleeing in a split second. We possess that same anxiousness because there are things that could happen to us that can hurt us physically and mentally. We need to protect ourselves or protect our family and friends. We work hard because we have to, because if we don’t then we’re homeless or will potentially go hungry. We have to make sure we pay attention so we don’t get hit by a bus etc.. There are so many things for us to worry about, no wonder we think it’s not easy to be or to remain positive after experiencing such stress. We think we’re helpless and can’t change, all while experiencing it by ourselves from our own perspective, but we are definitely not alone. And we definitely have more power than we think we do.

What I have found to be the first step in being able to forge on in our daily happenings, is acceptance. Not sure where the saying came from “acceptance is key” but it really and truly is the first thing on the list. Because without it, you’re still going to keep looking for answers you may never get. When you accept that this state of anxiety is something that is just a part of our existence, it will be easier to look past it enough to function because you will just know It isn’t something “happening to you”, but something that’s happening for you. We’re just built that way. And no, I’m not talking about having panic attacks and actual clinical anxiety, but our own inner defense system that is built into our blueprint. However, I do believe the other anxiety comes from the same place as well and we’ve just allowed it to spin out of control unknowingly. Once you accept something, you can walk away from it knowing it will never change, so why keep giving it your attention when your attention is needed elsewhere? Acceptance is key in so many areas in our lives. We need to accept certain situations (breakups, traumatic instances, death, etc.,) people (friends, family), places (where you don’t want to be sometimes), things (things that are done and solidified). So try to at least come close to mastering acceptance first because it is the actual key to opening up new and beautiful doors that we need to walk through to then heal and grow and the beautiful human beings that we are… Stay tuned! :)

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